Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is a non MLM (Multi-layer marketing) company from the United States of America, Twin Falls. They produces 100% pure & high quality essential oils at an affordable price. All the essential oils are GCMS tested to ensure it purity & quality. It’s appropriate for use in aromatherapy, they earned a lot of positive reviews over the years. 

Plant Therapy® 来自美国 Twin Falls非直销 (non MLM) 精油品牌公司。他们家生产100% 纯植物高品质精油。Plant Therapy精油全需通过GCMS测试以确保其纯正度和品质,适合用于芳香疗法。高质量精油加上大众化的价格,使他们这些年来获得不少的高评价反馈。

Why choose Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy offering high quality and pure essential oils. All the essential oil is go through independence 3rd party tester with detailed GC/MS Report, provide in-depth information on the chemical constituents in each oil. Any ingredient they source must be flawless in the test report or they send it back. Safety and education are the heart of everything. 

为什么选择Plant Therapy 精油

Plant Therapy提供高质量和纯正植物精油。所有精油都通过独立而有名誉的第3方测试公司检测,同时附上详细GC / MS报告,提供精油中所含的化学成份信息。Plant Therapy 务必确定测试报告中显示精油没问题才推出市场,否则将会驳回有瑕疵的精油。在Plant Therapy 安全和教育是一切的核心。