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Plant Therapy Geranium Boubon Essential Oil 10ml 波旁天竺葵单方精油 10ml

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Originating from the Reunion Islands, Geranium Bourbon essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Geranium plant to produce a 100% pure, undiluted essential oil with no additives or fillers. This oil is an aromatherapy favorite because of its softer, rose-floral scent with a herbaceous hint and abilities to help balance the mind during times of agitation, as well as sadness. Geranium Bourbon blends well with other oils to create synergies that are therapeutic and effective. This gentle oil is great for skin and aiding to balance and alleviate all skin types. It is also a supreme choice to help women during times of menstrual discomfort and emotional duress.


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【精油功效和好处】天竺葵 Geranium Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Product Details

Botanical Name: Pelargonium x asperum

Country of Origin: Madagascar, Reunion Island

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Leaves

Strength of Aroma: Strong

Aromatic Scent: Green, rose-floral, herbaceous scent


Diffuse Geranium to help with the emotions associated with the menstrual cycle and the stresses of daily life. It can also be added to a bath mixed in a carrier oil or milk. It can also be used in a skin serum to help smooth and improve the look of mature skin.


  • 温热水滴入23d天竺葵精油,浸湿毛巾后敷在脸上,帮助打开毛孔深层清洁。


  • 10ml Sweet Almond Oil + 2d 天竺葵精油 + 2d 洋甘菊。经前按摩小腹,可以改善经前症候。不适于生理期使用。


  • 20ml Jojoba Oil + 10d 天竺葵 + 10d 胡妥Coriander + 15d 黑胡椒+15d 生姜,涂抹腹部保养。

Geranium Boubon Essential Oil Usage and Benefits.png