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Plant Therapy Clary Sage Essential Oil 10ml 快乐鼠尾草单方精油10ml

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Clary Sage is extracted using steam distillation from the leaves and flowering tops of the Clary Sage plant to create an essential oil that is 100% pure with absolutely no additives or fillers. This favorite amongst oil users is a go-to when it comes to women’s issues. To help relieve the issues brought on by a normal woman's menstrual cycle, Clary Sage can be used topically with a carrier oil at a 2-4% ratio, or diffused to create a balancing atmosphere. The wonderful aroma of Clary Sage is very earthy and has hints that are fruity, floral, nutty, and herbaceous. This very soothing aroma is the key blend that helps create an atmosphere that is balancing and calming when emotions are rampant.

快乐鼠尾草精油是从叶子和花的部分以蒸馏法萃取。在女性问题上,是女性使用者最喜欢的精油。帮助缓解女性的月经周期带来的问题,可以将Clary Sage2-4%的基底油局部使用,或薰香使用以营造平衡的氛围。快乐鼠尾草的奇妙香气非常朴实,带有水果,花香,坚果和草本的香气。这种非常舒缓的香气能营造平衡和镇定的环境。

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【精油功效和好处】快乐鼠尾草Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Product Details

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Country of Origin: France

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Leaves / Stem / Flowers

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Aromatic Scent: Earthy, fruity and floral aroma that is both nutty and herbaceous


For menstrual pain, combine Clary Sage with Geranium, Marjoram and Carrot Seed. Add to your favorite carrier oil and use as a daily moisturizer or diffuse into the air for its mood-enhancing properties. For topical application dilute to 2-4%.


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