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Neck & Shoulder Tension Essential Oil Roll on

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If you suffer from shoulder pain, you are not alone. A large portion of shoulder pain is related to our lifestyle. Sitting too long in office, sitting at a computer, lack of exercises etc can driving to the neck and shoulder pain problems. 

Aromatherapy essential oil roller blend can help on relieving tight muscle. Lavender is commonly use in treat in many kind of pain, it help to relax our muscle. Peppermint has cool feeling, and ginger is warm are helps on tight, tense muscles relax. These combination helps encourage circulation and calm inflammation.


Neck & Shoulder Tension精油芳香滚珠棒可以帮助缓解紧绷的颈部和肩膀肌肉酸痛症状。薰衣草常用于治疗多种疼痛,它有助于放松紧绷的肌肉。薄荷味凉和姜味温热触感,两者互相使用促进血液循环和缓解症状,同时让我们的肌肉得到放松。

❤ What in the box

Pre-diluted essential oil roll-on with sweet almond oil. Ready-to-use by direct apply on affected area.


  • relieving tight and tense muscles


  • Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil of Lavender, Peppermint, Ginger


  • Directions: apply to wrists, behind ear or temples. Shake it before use.


  • Our essential oil product is made-to-order basis to ensure the quality
  • No preservatives. Once open, use it within 3 months.
  • Pre-diluted to ensure adult safety
  • Diluted essential oils only can be used on skin application. NON EDIBLE
  • Always do a patch test prior to use. 
  • Possibly slightly leaking during shipping due to pressure which can't avoid. We do our best to protect products before handover to courier.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use if pregnant and consult a medical professional before use.